Mission Statement

Jubilee Children’s Entertainment is dedicated to providing the ultimate children’s edutainment and learning experience.  Jubilee will inspire, develop and empower the children of tomorrow with creative fun-filled performances instilling strong moral character empowering them to influence their environments in a positive way.
Jubilee Today Impacting Tomorrow

We at Jubilee Children’s Entertainment believe that our children are the vehicles to a better tomorrow. While creating the ultimate fun-filled experience we also introduce children to lessons that build and enhance literacy, sound social / emotional development as well strong character that will impact their tomorrow in a positive way.

Jubilee introduces, assists, and enhances children’s character at the beginning stages equipping them to be confident, respectful contributors in both the home and school while having the time of their lives.

Simple Character Impact Themes focusing on literacy, multi-cultural awareness, love, faith, and physical health to name a few brings empowerment and can give a child the opportunity to reach their highest potential in life.

The Jubilee Experience

Our character “Jubilee - The Spirit Filled Koala Bear" entertains children during our Character Impact Programs and special planned events promoting developmental concepts that develop, inspire and empower children to be confident in themselves and to create positive change in their environments.

The Australian koala bear is the only character around that actually talks and sings during his performances. Kids enjoy Jubilee’s signature theme song while learning his famous dance during the experience! Jubilee takes the children on a fun-filled journey, “Out Back” to the safari of Australia.

The Experience is simply a complete show enhanced with Jubilee and his assistant with continuous safari tunes and games, capped off with a character impact theme presented one of several creative ways. Jubilee loves the kids and loves, learning and building sound moral character!